PETROMANIA, a resource-c(o)urse.

  By travelling through some of the richest petro-states in the world (Norway, Dubai, Kuwait, Angola, Venezuela and more), Morgenbladet journalist Simen Sætre researches how such wealth affects these countries and their inhabitants.

Simen Sætres, Petromania.

He discovers surprisingly many similarities, as well as interesting differences. The book gives us a good introduction to main theories about wise resource management as well as resource-curses. It’s written in a travel-novel style that allows it to be both intriguing, humorous and at the same time interesting. Finding unbiased information about oil is not easy. Most literature on the subject tends to either have an environmentalist “oil is the excrement of Satan” viewpoint or the Oil-Ministers (or oil company’s) “Oil is as clean as mountain spring-water,and if a fish could decide he would prefer to swim in oily water”-viewpoint. Sætre’s critical journalism succeeds in finding a good balance between these two positions. As a result the book offers a good, easy and credible way to learn about the resource that fuel the world, and the countries that produces it
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